Enabling poor rural people
to overcome poverty


ROME, 2 February 2015 – The global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples' Forum at IFAD convenes every second February in connection with the Governing Council, IFAD's main decision-making body. The first global meeting of the Forum took place in 2013. The second one will be held on 12-13 February.

A unique initiative within the United Nations system, the Forum institutionalizes IFAD's consultation and dialogue with indigenous peoples' representatives at the national, regional and international levels. This year, it will focus on indigenous food systems and sustainable development, providing a unique opportunity for indigenous peoples and IFAD to learn from past experience and strengthen their collaboration on transforming rural communities.


Special event

  • 13 February, 17.15-18.30: Carlo Petrini, President of the International Slow Food Movement will talk about IFAD's Partnership with Slow Food and the way forward.

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Contact information

  • Antonella Cordone
    Senior Technical Specialist Indigenous Peoples and Tribal Issues
    Policy and Technical Advisory Division, IFAD
    Via Paolo di Dono, 44
    00142 Rome, Italy
    Tel: +39 06 54592065
    E-mail: a.cordone@ifad.org