Enabling poor rural people
to overcome poverty


102 projects approved under the Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility since 2007

The objective of the IFAD Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility (IPAF) is to strengthen indigenous peoples’ communities and their organizations by financing small-projects which foster their self-driven development in the framework of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and to generate lessons learned and approaches for replication and up-scaling.
The Facility invites applications from indigenous peoples’ organizations and communities, as well as organizations that work with them, for grants to fund projects, innovative approaches and partnerships that promote the development of indigenous peoples and help them fulfil their aspirations.


Contact information

  • Antonella Cordone
    Senior Technical Specialist
    Indigenous Peoples and Tribal Issues
    Policy and Technical Advisory Division, IFAD
    Via Paolo di Dono, 44
    00142 Rome, Italy
    Tel: +39 06 54592065
    E-mail: a.cordone@ifad.org