updated: 05.12.08
IFAD in Ethiopia

Through financing for a total of US$195.8 million since 1980, IFAD supports Ethiopia’s investments in poverty reduction programmes. IFAD loans have helped finance 12 development projects, three of them ongoing. Projects and programmes cover a wide geographical area and are designed to improve poor people’s living conditions and promote development. The most recent programme, the Agricultural Marketing Improvement Programme, will help reduce the effects of fluctuating commodity prices on the incomes of smallholder farmers.

IFAD’s strategy in Ethiopia

IFAD’s strategy in Ethiopia focuses on supporting investment programmes with the greatest potential impact on sustainable household food security and on the incomes of rural poor people, particularly small-scale farmers and herders, and women in all categories. More specifically, objectives include:

  • promoting improved agricultural and livestock production technologies
  • increasing access of rural households to reliable financial services
  • developing small-scale irrigation schemes owned and managed by farmers and herders
  • enhancing effective delivery of social services

Investment programmes funded by IFAD have shown that small-scale farmers are willing to take risks in order to meet their household food security needs and that rural communities are willing to contribute to and actively participate in programming and implementation as members of farmers’ research groups, water users’ associations and rural savings and credit groups or cooperatives.

Source: IFAD



Projects: 13

Total cost:
US$591.3 million

Total loan amount: US$235.8 million

Directly benefiting: 5,760,000 households

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