updated: 05.12.08
IFAD in Tanzania

IFAD has a strong and diversified portfolio in the United Republic of Tanzania. The portfolio has evolved as a result of lessons learned through IFAD’s own programmes and policy-related work, and through the activities of other donors.

IFAD's country strategic opportunities programme 2007-2013 takes into account IFAD’s experience in the country and the importance of harmonizing the work of the government and its development partners. The programme focuses on integrating all cofinanced projects into national systems, and it is divided into two cycles. The first cycle, from 2007 to 2010, covers the same period as Tanzania's National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty, the IFAD Strategic Framework 2007-2010 and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Tanzania. The second cycle of the COSOP will follow after an evaluation of the first cycle.  

Reducing poverty in Tanzania clearly requires investing in agricultural growth in rural areas, where 90 per cent of the country’s poor people live. IFAD's strategy for Tanzania addresses specific challenges in the agricultural sector. During the first cycle, IFAD will increase its contribution to the multi-donor Agricultural Sector Development Programme. The funds will support efforts to improve access to the technologies and services that small-scale farmers need to enhance productivity, and to increase the participation of farmer and pastoralist organizations in district planning processes, negotiating and advocacy.

Starting in 2010, IFAD will build on the experience and lessons of the Rural Financial Services Programme to increase poor people’s access to sustainable rural financial services across the country. It will also capitalize on the positive impact that the Agricultural Marketing Systems Development Programme had in successfully linking producers to markets and in creating opportunities for rural enterprise development. It will link the programme's activities with those of the Rural Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Support Programme, which takes a value chain approach.


Source: IFAD


Projects: 13

Total cost:
US$514.3 million

Total loan amount: US$213.2 million

Directly benefiting: 1,714,319 households

Contact information

Mr Samuel Eremie
Country programme manager
Via Paolo Di Dono, 44
00142 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 0654592079
Fax: +39 0654593079

Dr Mwatima Juma
IFAD Field Officer
P.O. Box 2
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
FAO Off: +255-222-113070

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