updated: 12.05.08
Market Infrastructure Development Project in Charland Regions

Charland is land located in an active river basin that is subject to erosion and accretion. The project includes areas characterized by severe annual flooding and extensive river erosion in the coastal and estuarine chars of Bangladesh . They are home to some of the country's poorest people.

The project targets people who produce primarily for the market, including farmers growing crops or raising livestock on small landholdings, fishers and fish farmers and people who engage in non-farm enterprises such as food processing, basket-making and cloth-making. The project also targets small-scale traders, particularly women.

Poor people in these areas often depend on landlords and moneylenders, and their income is seasonal. They are vulnerable to emergencies such as death, illness and loss of crops.  Many live in remote districts with weak communication links and a lack of government, health and education services. In addition, charland communities have poor road access and limited markets.

This IFAD-initiated project will adopt a people-centred approach, identifying potential producer groups in char areas, strengthening their capacity and developing market and communications infrastructure to support them. It will build physical infrastructure such as market facilities and farm-to-market roads while boosting capacity for market management. It will also provide market traders, small business operators and producers with technical and management training and access to credit. The project will specifically promote opportunities for women traders.

Building on the success of NGO microcredit programmes in Bangladesh , IFAD will work with experienced NGOs to support group members, mainly women. The project will establish working-level synergies with the Netherlands-funded Char Development and Settlement Project - Phase III and  the second phase of the Agricultural Sector Programme Support project funded by Danish International Development.


Source: IFAD

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Facts and figures

Total cost:

US$43.9 million

IFAD loan:

US$25.0 million


Government of Bangladesh

(US$8.5 million)

The Netherlands 

(US$5.0 million grant)

Duration: 2006-2014

Geographical area: 5 districts in coastal and estuarine chars

Directly benefiting: 87,500 households

Status: ongoing

  • The Netherlands
  • Microfinance NGOs
  • United Nations Opffice for Project Services