M&E and Impact
Design, Planning and M&E
System Set-up
What to Monitor
Information Management
Capacities and Conditions
Critical Reflection
Logframe Sample
M&E Matrix Sample
M&E Methods
Sample TORs
Setting up the M&E System
Setting up the M&E System

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  • M&E needs to be understood as an integrated reflection and communication system within the project that must be planned, managed and resourced - it is not simply a statistical task or an external obligation. An M&E system requires:

    1. Designing and set-up;
    2. Gathering and managing information;
    3. Reflecting critically (on experience and information) to improve action;
    4. Communicating and reporting results.

  • For the M&E system to function, you must have adequate resources and put in place the necessary conditions and capacities. This often involves capacity-building.
  • A well-functioning M&E system helps guide the intervention strategy and ensure effective operations for all key stakeholders. It is one part of the overall management of the project.
  • Each stage of the project cycle requires certain key M&E tasks to be carried out by specific stakeholders.
  • A detailed M&E plan is developed during project start-up and needs to be documented clearly and shared with those who are to implement it.
  • The M&E system will itself need to be monitored and updated regularly during the life of the project.

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