M&E and Impact
Design, Planning and M&E
System Set-up
What to Monitor
Information Management
Capacities and Conditions
Critical Reflection
Logframe Sample
M&E Matrix Sample
M&E Methods
Sample TORs






  • This Guide has been written to help project managers and M&E staff improve the quality of M&E in IFAD-supported projects.
    The Guide focuses on how M&E can support project management and engage project stakeholders in understanding project progress, learning from achievements and problems, and agreeing on how to improve both strategy and operations.
  • The main functions of M&E are: ensuring improvement-oriented critical reflection, learning to maximise the impact of rural development projects, and showing this impact to be accountable.
    The Guide is meant to improve M&E in IFAD-supported projects, as a study found that most projects have a fairly low standard of M&E.
    The Guide provides comprehensive advice on how to set up and implement an M&E system, plus background ideas that underpin the suggestions.

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