Enabling poor rural people
to overcome poverty

Agenda item 2

EB 2011/102/R.1/Rev.3


Agenda item 3

EB 2011/102/R.2/Rev.1

IFAD Strategic Framework 2011-2015

Agenda item 4

EB 2011/102/R.3/Rev.1

IFAD Policy on Engagement with Middle-Income Countries

Agenda item 5: Evaluation

EB 2011/102/R.4/Rev.2
The Rev.2 pertains only to the English version

Report of the Chairperson on the sixty-sixth session of the Evaluation Committee

EB 2011/102/R.5

Report of the Chairperson on the sixty-seventh session of the Evaluation Committee

EB 2011/102/R.6

Report of the Chairperson on the Progress report on the implementation of the recommendations of the Peer Review of IFAD’s Office of Evaluation and Evaluation Function

EB 2011/102/R.43/Rev.1

Report of the Chairperson on the sixth special session of the Evaluation Committee

EB 2011/102/R.7/Rev.1

Revised IFAD Evaluation Policy

EB 2011/102/R.47/Rev.1

Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure of the Evaluation Committee of the Executive Board

EB 2011/102/R.8/Rev.2 + Rev.1/Add.1

Corporate-Level Evaluation of IFAD’s Private-Sector Development and Partnership Strategy

Revision 2 pertains only to the English version

Agenda item 6

EB 2011/102/R.9

IFAD Environment and Natural Resource Management Policy

Agenda item 7

EB 2011/102/R.10/Rev.2 + Add.1/Rev.1 (The Revision pertains only to the English version)
+ Add.2

IFAD Country Presence Policy and Strategy

Agenda item 8

EB 2011/102/R.11

IFAD lending terms and conditions – Applicable euro interest rate

Agenda item 9

EB 2011/102/R.12/Rev.1

Revised outline for President’s reports for Executive Board approval of projects and programmes

Agenda item 10: Country strategic opportunities programme

EB 2011/102/R.13

India: Country strategic opportunities programme

Agenda item 11

EB 2011/102/R.14 + Add.1

Resources available for commitment

Agenda item 12: Project/programme proposals for consideration by the Executive Board

West and Central Africa

EB 2011/102/R.15/Rev.1

Sierra Leone: Smallholder Commercialization Programme

Asia and the Pacific

EB 2011/102/R.19/Rev.1

Indonesia: Smallholder Livelihood Development Project in Eastern Indonesia

EB 2011/102/R.20/Rev.1

Lao People's Democratic Republic: President's m emorandum: Rural Livelihoods Improvement Programme – Attapeu Province – Supplementary financing

EB 2011/102/R.21/Rev.1

Mongolia: Project for Market and Pasture Management Development

EB 2011/102/R.22/Rev.1

Pakistan: Gwadar-Lasbela Livelihoods Support Project

EB 2011/102/R.23

Tajikistan: Livestock and Pasture Development Project

Latin America and the Caribbean

EB 2011/102/R.24

Dominican Republic: Rural Economic Development Project in the Central and Eastern Provinces

Near East and North Africa

EB 2011/102/R.26/Rev.1

Azerbaijan: Integrated Rural Development Project

Agenda item 13

EB 2011/102/R.27

Corporate Strategic Workplan for Grant Financing

EB 2011/102/R.28

Procedures for Financing from the Grants Programme

Agenda item 14

EB 2011/102/R.29

IFAD Guidelines for Disaster Early Recovery

Agenda item 15

EB 2011/102/R.30/Rev.1

Planned project activities including those proposed and approved under the lapse-of-time procedure 2011-2012

Agenda item 16

EB 2011/102/R.31

Report on the first session of the Consultation on the Ninth Replenishment of IFAD’s Resources

Agenda item 17

EB 2011/102/R.32

IFAD Medium-term Plan 2011-2013

Agenda item 18

EB 2011/102/R.33

Annual Report on Enterprise Risk Management Activities in IFAD

Agenda item 19

EB 2011/102/R.34/Rev.1

Update: Change and reform implementation

Agenda item 20: Financial matters

EB 2011/102/R.35

Report of the Chairperson on the 118th meeting of the Audit Committee

EB 2011/102/R.49

Tactical Changes to the IFAD Investment Portfolio

EB 2011/102/R.48

ACA implications for Future Replenishments

EB 2011/102/R.36

Report on the status of contributions to the Eighth Replenishment of IFAD’s resources

EB 2011/102/R.37

Report on IFAD’s investment portfolio for 2010

EB 2011/102/R.38

Report on IFAD’s investment portfolio for the first quarter of 2011

EB 2011/102/R.39

Status report on arrears in principal, interest and service charge payments

EB 2011/102/R.40

Estimated principal and net service charge payments forgone as a result of the implementation of the Debt Sustainability Framework

EB 2011/102/R.41

Requirements for the thirty-second drawdown of Member State contributions in 2011

EB 2011/102/R.42/Rev.1

Consolidated financial statements of IFAD as at 31 December 2010

Agenda item 21: Other Business

EB 2011/102/R.44

Framework agreement for the enhancement of cooperation and the direction of joint operations between the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)

EB 2011/102/R.45

Minutes of the 101st session of the Executive Board

Information notes

EB 2011/102/INF.1

Arrangements for the 102nd session of the Executive Board

EB 2011/102/INF.2

Republic of India: Implementation of the second cycle of the Orissa Tribal Empowerment and Livelihoods Programme financed under the Flexible Lending Mechanism

EB 2011/102/INF.3/Rev.1

People's Republic of Bangladesh: Implementation of the third cycle of the Sunamganj Community-based Resource Management Project financed under the Flexible Lending Mechanism

EB 2011/102/INF.4

Republic of Ecuador: Ibarra-San Lorenzo Development Project

EB 2011/102/INF.5

Update on appeal of judgment no. 2867 of the International Labour Organization Administrative Tribunal to the International Court of Justice

EB 2011/102/INF.6

2010 grants under the global/regional and country-specific grant windows approved by the President

EB 2011/102/INF.7

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: Progress report on the country strategic opportunities programme

EB 2011/102/INF.8

Progress report on the implementation of the IFAD Strategy for Knowledge Management and the innovation agenda

EB 2011/102/INF.9

Assessment of the Global Mechanism

EB 2011/102/INF.10

Legal opinion concerning the ranking of the lending terms applied to IFAD financing

EB 2011/102/INF.11

List of documents for the 102nd session of the Executive Board

EB 2011/102/INF.12

Grants, projects/programmes approved under the lapse-of-time procedure

EB 2011/102/INF.13/Rev.1

Spanish Food Security Cofinancing Facility Trust Fund agreements

EB 2011/102/INF.14/Rev.1

The Revision pertains only to the English version

Summary of project, programme proposals discussed by the Executive Board

EB 102/Rev.1 Minutes of the 102nd session of the Executive Board