Gender and Household Food Security    
  International Fund for Agricultural Development

Nepal - A child is being weighed and a mother is receiving medication for her child, at the child health centre in Nareswar. IFAD Photo by Anwar HossainThe document provides a series of tools and resource materials. Some are specific to nutrition assessments and others which may be useful in other types of surveys. The document is divided into two sections:

Practical Anthropometry 101 - Tools For Preparing a Survey

Practical Anthropometry 102 - Collecting Anthropometric Measures of Children



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Household Food Security and Gender Memory Checks |Practical Anthropometry 101 and 102 | Rapid Nutrition Surveys for Estimating Project Impact | Manual for Bottom-up Approach in Food Security Inverventions | Comprehensive Participatory Planning and Evaluation | Household food Security: Concepts, Indicators and Measurements