Gender and Household Food Security    
  International Fund for Agricultural Development


This document reviews core concepts in household food security (HFS), provides an overview of indicators and data collection methods, and includes an annotated bibliography on concepts and definitions, illustrating the inter-relationship among HFS, nutrition, livelihood security and long-term sustainability.

Table of Contents, Preface and Errata (PDF Format - 198KB)
Part I : Household Food Security: A Conceptual Review (PDF Format - 3,958KB)
Part II: Indicators and DAta Collection Methods for Assessing Household Food Security (PDF Format - 3,345KB)
Part III: Household Food Security: Concepts and Definition - An Annotated Bibliography (PDF Format - 3,303KB)
Part IV - A Selected Annotated Bibliography on Indicators with Application to Household Food Security (PDF Format - 4,790KB)

Download full document (PDF Format - 15,710KB)

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