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El Salvador: UN rural development agency to boost support for youth, women and indigenous peoples
Rome, 22 April 2015 – A new strategy to improve the livelihoods of young people, women and indigenous peoples in El Salvador’s poor rural communities was approved today by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the United Nations agency specializing in rural development. The Fund’s 2015-2019 strategy for El Salvador will also pay special attention to addressing the impact of climate change in the country.

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Media Alert: The Untold Story of Food & Climate Adaptation
Rome, 15 April 2015 – What threat does climate change pose to the world's food cultures? What impact does it have on the 500 million small-scale family farms that grow much of the world's food? Find out at a panel discussion hosted by IFAD during this year's Perugia International Journalism Festival.

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IFAD supports livestock marketing and climate resilience in Sudan
Rome, 31 March 2015 – A new US $119.2 million programme in the Sudan has been designed to increase food security, and improve incomes and climate resilience for pastoralist communities by strengthening their access to markets and technologies.

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New project to create vital employment opportunities for youth and women in Jordan
Rome, 25 March 2015 – A new US $15.2 million project agreement signed in Rome will aim to reduce rural poverty, vulnerability and inequality in Jordan by creating employment and income-generating opportunities for the rural poor, especially women and youth.

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IFAD-support better connects Indonesia's small farmers to markets
Jakarta, 24 March 2015 – Linking smallholder agriculture with the right kind of private sector investments takes center-stage during the visit this week of John McIntire, Associate Vice-President of the United Nation’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) to the Republic of Indonesia. McIntire arrives today in Jakarta to meet with government officials and underline IFAD’s continued commitment to help Indonesia reach its poverty reduction goals by creating development opportunities in support of smallholder farmers and fishers.


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