Enabling poor rural people
to overcome poverty


4 February 2016 - 17-18 February 2016: International leaders gather in Rome for annual IFAD event
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3 February 2016 - UN agency to build climate resilience among pastoralists in Tajikistan

1 February 2016 - Benin and IFAD work together to boost food and nutrition security while creating jobs for young people
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29 January 2016 - Cameroon receives US$1 million grant from United Nations agency to promote aquaculture entrepreneurship
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28 January 2016 - United Nations agency provides US$33.8 million to boost agriculture sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo
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28 January 2016 - Independent evaluation shows IFAD-supported investment improves the quality of life of rural poor in Turkey
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21 January 2016 - Turkey and United Nations agency to discuss inclusiveness and opportunities for the rural poor
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12 January: UN agency scales up support for llama and alpaca farming in the Bolivian High Plateau
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