Enabling poor rural people
to overcome poverty


14 April: IFAD to showcase best practices for effective development in middle-income countries
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7 avril: Le FIDA et le Burkina Faso s’engagent à renforcer la résilience des ménages et favoriser l’intensification des activités agricoles

7 April: US$34 million IFAD loan and grants to strengthen post-harvest interventions and resilience to climate change in Rwanda

4 April: Liberian President visits IFAD to discuss expanding development of rural communities

4 April: UN Rome-Based Agencies reveal food security and nutrition targets for post-2015 agenda
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3 April: Taking action to deliver agriculture growth, jobs and food security in the face of climate change

2 April: Poverty assessment tool launched at IFAD will measure progress on rural development


31 March: Le FIDA et le Sénégal signent un accord de financement pour le développement des filières agricoles

28 March: Strengthening livelihoods and resilience to climate change in Viet Nam

26 March: On the occasion of the meeting between United States President Barack Obama and Pope Francis on 27 March the President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Kanayo F. Nwanze, reflects on the impact of inequality

26 March: Increasing food security and climate resilience in Yemen

19 March: IFAD and EU join hands to boost sustainable agriculture and food security in Kenya

7 March: New IFAD report shows rural women are key to unlocking economic and social benefits of adaptation
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28 February: IFAD President to meet top officials and smallholder farmers in Angola
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26 February: IFAD grant of US$1.95million to create opportunities for rural youth in West and Central Africa

20 February: Partnerships between smallholder farmers, business and government are key to revitalizing rural communities
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20 February: A boost for climate change resilience in Moldova

20 February: IFAD and Unilever sign first global public-private partnership agreement
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19 February: Investment in smallholder agriculture is the way-out of poverty, says Italian Finance Minister Saccomanni at IFAD annual meeting
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19 February: The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf and IFAD join forces for poverty reduction
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19 February: Fabrizio Saccomanni al quartier generale dell’IFAD: "Sostenere l'agricoltura familiare è la via maestra per uscire dalla povertà preservando le risorse naturali"

18 February: Smallholder farmer leaders call for increased partnership, investment and institutional capacity building at global meeting of the Farmers' Forum
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17 February: Family farming vital for resilient, food-secure future
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10 February: 19-20 February 2014, IFAD annual meeting: “Investing in smallholder family farmers for the future we want”
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7 February: Agreenium signe un accord de partenariat avec le Fonds International de Développement Agricole


30 January: IFAD loans US$43.8 million to China to develop Smallholder Agribusiness in Hubei Province

17 January: Le Mali et le FIDA signent un accord de financement de 33,2 millions d'USD

15 January: Enhancing resilience to conflict in Arab Countries

13 January: Atelier national à Dakar pour clôturer le processus d’évaluation du portefeuille du FIDA au Sénégal conduit en 2013 par le Bureau indépendant de l’évaluation du FIDA

3 January: Le Président du FIDA, Kanayo F. Nwanze en visite officielle au Bénin