Investing in
rural people


Why is IFAD a partner of choice?

  • We are trusted by farmers: IFAD works closely with millions of small farmers and producers throughout the world
  • We are trusted by governments: IFAD works with 173 member governments and has built networks of credibility over the last  four decades.
  • We are an honest broker: IFAD connects producers, the private sector, governments and other players in the agricultural and rural sectors so that everyone benefits.
  • We are a global leader in agricultural development: IFAD has almost 40 years of experience in agricultural and rural development. It is the only UN agency and International Financial Institution working exclusively in rural areas and has a current portfolio of more than 240 projects in almost 100 countries with more than 40 local offices.
  • We have a track record of successful investment: IFAD has invested over US$16 billion in grants and low-interest loans for projects that have helped to improve the lives of more than 430 million rural people.
  • We are technical experts: IFAD has specialised technical expertise in areas like climate change adaptation, nutrition, women’s empowerment and youth employment.
  • We are innovators: IFAD has a reputation for developing new approaches, many of which have been adopted by governments and other partners.

Explore how to Partner with IFAD

Remote West Papua is more than 3000 kilometres from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. Through a partnership between IFAD, the Government of Indonesia, the World Bank and local NGO Yayasan Kalima Jari, struggling fishermen switched to growing seaweed and have now caught the attention of one of Indonesia's biggest seaweed processors.