updated: 25 November, 2009
About IFAD
International Fund for Agricultural Development


IFAD Administrative Services and more specifically the Procurement Office located in Rome, Italy is responsible for procuring goods and services that are requested by internal users and necessary to run the building and its operations.

The Procurement Office is also responsible for identifying new and potential suppliers and for evaluating their eligibility to become IFAD’s suppliers, based on official standards set by the Organization.

IFAD’s procurement activities cover the following:


  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Building equipment and material
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Fittings
  • Office supplies
  • Computer supplies
  • Office equipment supplies


  • Cleaning
  • Financial
  • Security
  • Consultancy services through commercial firms
  • Moving
  • Printing
  • Technical
  • Maintenance

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Contact information
Mr Sandro Luzzietti
Procurement Officer
Via Paolo Di Dono, 44
00142 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39 0654592042
Fax: +39 0654593042