Enabling poor rural people
to overcome poverty

IFAD produces a range of publications for both technical and general audiences. This section features public information, policy and advocacy publications designed to raise awareness about IFAD’s impact on reducing rural poverty and improving food security.

Just released

  • The use of remittances and financial inclusion (2015)
  • How To Do Note on fisheries, aquaculture and climate change (2015)
  • RBA Collaboration for strengthening resilience (2015)
    Guatemala: English | Spanish
    Kenya: English
    Niger: English | France
  • The price of development and the cost of inaction (July 2015) 
    Arabic | English | French | Spanish
  • efaIFAD's Internal Guidelines for Economic and Financial Analysis – Volume 1 (2015)
    English | French | Spanish
  • Scaling up note on nutrition-sensitive agriculture and rural development(2015)
  • Senegal: the road to opportunity (2015)
    English | French
  • beijingHow To Do Note on measuring climate resilience (2015)

Just released

  • IFAD at a glance (2015) 
    Arabic | English | French | Italian | Spanish
  • Brokering development: Enabling factors for public-private-producer partnerships in agricultural value chains
    English | Summary of Case Study: Ghana | Indonesia | Rwanda | Uganda
  • A new generation of rural transformation : IFAD in Latin America and the Caribbean (2015)
    English | French | Portuguese | Spanish
  • How to do Note on Seeking Free, Prior and Informed Consent (2015)
  • Delivering public, private and semi-private goods – Institutional issues and implementation arrangements (2015)
  • Remote sensing for index insurance: Findings and lessons so far (2015)
    Brochure | Lessons learned
  • Scaling up note: Smallholder livestock development (2015)
  • Getting to work: financing a new agenda for rural transformation (2015)

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