Enabling poor rural people
to overcome poverty


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Charting a course to zero hunger

IFAD is gathering top evaluation experts to discuss how to measure and achieve ending hunger and achieving food security by 2030

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Access to land and water critical for smallholder farmers

Understanding the close link between access to land and water is key to helping smallholder farmers adapt to climate change

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What can Make or a Break a Farmer

If you are a farmer with land to harvest and your machinery is old and often broken, you have a problem. If you need to feed your family and earn a living from your crops, you have an even bigger problem. And if you work hard and have vast experience on how to cultivate the land, but lack the resources to invest in modern machinery, you still have a problem.

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Haiti: Sharing knowledge across the border with the Dominican Republic

The border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic is a poor region, but it is critically important to both countries. On the Haitian side, in particular, there is substantial yet unexploited economic potential.

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Over 400 million poor rural people have participated in programmes and projects supported by IFAD and partners around the world, and they all have stories to tell. Here are some of those stories, featuring women and men who are working to overcome poverty and determine the direction of their own lives. These ground-level accounts of hope and empowerment reside on the Rural Poverty Portal, powered by IFAD.