IFAD’s Environmental and Social Assessment Procedures (SECAP) - 2012

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IFAD’s Environmental and Social Assessment Procedures (SECAP) - 2012

As a development institution, IFAD has been involved in addressing environmental issues for many years. IFAD’s ‘Administrative Procedures for Environmental Assessment in the Project Cycle’ – PB/94/03 was approved in 1994, broadly mandating the Fund to ensure that all environmental issues associated with its operations are adequately addressed.

The Administrative Procedures included provisions for:

  • improving environmental quality of operations financed by the Fund;
  • promoting the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources with specific references to environmentally sustainable practices for biological diversity and protected area management, fisheries, range resources, forest resources, wetlands and water resources;
  • environmental categorisation of projects entering the pipeline; and
  • environmental impact assessments (EIA) for all projects with classification of Category A.






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