EB document - IFAD policy on preventing fraud and corruption in its activities and operations

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سياسة الصندوق المعدلة بشأن منع التدليس والفساد في أنشطته وعملياته

In 2005, the Executive Board adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards fraud and corruption in IFAD-financed and/or IFAD-managed activities and operations (EB 2005/85/R.5/Rev.1

Since then, the Fund’s business model and legal framework have evolved, and new best practices for the prevention and mitigation of fraud and corruption have emerged in other United Nations entities and international financial institutions (IFIs). 

To reflect this changed context, some elements of the 2005 policy have been revised. The objective of the revision is to reaffirm the Fund’s and its Member States’ continued commitment to the prevention and mitigation of fraud and corruption in IFAD-financed and/or IFAD-managed operations and activities and to ensure that the Fund has adequate safeguards and measures in place to this end. 

The Revised IFAD Policy on Preventing Fraud and Corruption in its Activities and Operations was approved by the Executive Board on 13 December 2018.


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December 2018