Annual report 2012

Read about IFAD's results and impact in the 2012 Annual Report. The Report also tells the stories of the women and men we work with in rural areas – their challenges and their successes. This year's Report showcases IFAD's new directions and new initiatives, which are helping to increase food security and reduce rural poverty across the developing world. And it provides the facts and figures that the Fund regularly shares with its Members States and partners. Please take 5 minutes to tell us what you think of the report and to give us your ideas for next year.

The Annual Report is available in two versions: print and full. The print version contains the first 60 pages of the report, while the full report includes four additional chapters that are only available online. You can download either of these versions by clicking on the links immediately below. The Highlights are a 12-page summary.


Table of contents

IFAD at a glance, 1978-2012IFAD at a glance, 1978-2012
Key figures on IFAD-supported programmes and projects, loans and grants, cofinancing, domestic contributions and more.



Nouvelles initiatives et nouveaux programmesPresident's foreword
"Today we are known as a twenty-first century development agency that champions sustainable and innovative solutions for smallholder farmers and poor rural people across the developing world." IFAD President Kanayo F. Nwanze highlights progress achieved in 2012 with support from our partners, and looks forward to a second term of office following his re-election in February 2013.

IFAd strategic frameworkIFAD strategic framework 2011-2015
Agriculture can provide a robust pathway out of poverty, today and in the future, for many smallholder farmers and livestock producers. IFAD's strategic framework for 2011-2015 guides our efforts towards realizing that future.

Programme of work 2012Programme of work in 2012
With 255 programmes and projects under way around the world, we present a region-by-region review of priorities and achievements. Real-life stories from the field show the human impact of our work.

New initiatives and new programmesNew initiatives and new programmes
Read about new directions and approaches to respond to changing challenges around the world. This chapter also spotlights innovative new programmes in each of our regions – from value chain development in Nigeria to job creation in partnership with social enterprises in the Near East and North Africa.

Measuring and improving resultsMeasuring and improving results
Transparent measurement and reporting of results help to document our achievements and pinpoint areas where further improvement is needed, instilling confidence in our donors and partners. This chapter focuses on the mechanisms we use and looks at results achieved in 2012.

Financing date and resource mobilizationFinancing data and resource mobilization
Detailed data on our loans and grants, our disbursements, and the cofinancing support we receive is presented in tables and charts. This chapter also provides a regional breakdown of our portfolio and outlines our support to debt relief and debt management.

Staff awardsStaff awards
IFAD annual Staff Awards recognize the exceptional contributions of our colleagues. See the 2012 winners.




Organization, membership and presentationSummary of 2012 programmes, projects and grants
A comprehensive listing of programmes, projects and grants approved in 2012,including brief descriptions and financing details.


Summary of 2012 programmes, projects and grantsOrganization, membership and representation
IFAD structure, Member States and representatives of governing bodies.



Publications in 2012Publications in 2012
A selection of IFAD publications, co-publications, papers, and public information and advocacy materials released in 2012.