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The Russian Federation and IFAD share a common commitment to reducing poverty, improving food security and achieving more sustainable economic growth for small-scale farmers and other
vulnerable rural populations. The Russian Federation’s Concept Note on Participation in International Development Assistance highlights priority areas for cooperation that are aligned with those of IFAD, such as poverty reduction with a strong focus on nutrition. The Russian Federation became a member of IFAD in 2014 and has been actively involved in the replenishment consultations since then.

Tackling poverty and hunger together

The increased political attention to the issue of global food security has led to an increase in the number of commitments of financial resources allocated to agriculture and food aid, and to addressing structural factors.

The Russian Federation, through its Ministry of Finance, has consistently increased its contribution to mitigating the consequences of the global food crisis, including by strengthening cooperation with other United Nations specialized agencies. As part of its focus on global food security, the Russian Federation has contributed with an unrestricted
complementary contribution of US$3 million for nutrition.

In addition, in April 2017, the Russian Federation contributed US$1.5 million in supplementary funds for a school-feeding project in Tajikistan, with the main objective of mobilizing local producers and processors to contribute to the nutritional well-being of schoolchildren.

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