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Operations Academy: Introduction to IFAD Project Cycle

يونيو 2023
This course introduces IFAD’s project cycle.

Operations Academy: Mainstreaming priorities in IFAD operations

يونيو 2023
This course explains IFAD's vision for rural transformation and how Environment and Climate, Nutrition, Gender, Youth and Social Inclusion are interrelated.

Operations Academy: Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) in IFAD-financed projects

يونيو 2023
This course provides an overview of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in IFAD-financed projects.

Operations Academy: Project Completion Report

يونيو 2023
This course explains the Project Completion Report.

Operations Academy: Project Start-Up - Level 1

يونيو 2023
This course introduces IFAD’s Project Start-up, explains why a Project Delivery Team (PDT) should strive for a swift project start-up and what it can do to facilitate this.

Operations Academy: Strengthening project design - Level 1

مايو 2023
This course outlines each step of IFAD’s project design.

Operations Academy: Supervision Mission & Mid-Term Review

مايو 2023
This course enhances understanding and knowledge of the types of supervision missions.

Operations Academy: Strengthening Project Implementation

مايو 2023
The course enhances knowledge of IFAD’s Project Cycle, its key milestones and the roles of key actors involved in project implementation.

Operations Academy: Technology Transformation and Agriculture Fundamentals of ICT4D in Agriculture

مايو 2023
This course introduces the key principles and approaches to integrate digital solutions into IFAD’s work.

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