The Agri-Business Capital Fund (ABC Fund)

مايو 2020

The Agri-Business Capital Fund (ABC Fund) invests in smallholder farmers and rural small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries to support sustainable and inclusive agricultural value chains. 

IFAD and Farmers' Organizations - Partnership in Progress: 2016-2019

فبراير 2020
Report to the seventh global meeting of the Farmers’ Forum, in conjunction with the forty-third session of IFAD’s Governing Council. 

Making agricultural and climate risk insurance gender inclusive: How to improve access to insurance for rural women

فبراير 2020
IFAD’s technical assistance programme INSURED (Insurance for rural resilience and economic development) has been building knowledge about how to strengthen women producers’ access to climate risk insurance. 

IFAD at a glance

يناير 2020

IFAD is the only multilateral development institution that focuses exclusively on transforming rural economies and food systems. It works in remote regions of developing countries and fragile situations, where few aid agencies or international financial institutions venture.

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INSURED - Insurance for rural resilience and economic development

يناير 2020

INSURED is a technical assistance programme working to strengthen agricultural insurance in IFAD’s portfolio.

Climate Action Report 2019

ديسمبر 2019
The Climate Action Report 2019 provides an overview of IFAD’s work on climate change and reports on progress, challenges and achievements.

The Latin America and Caribbean Advantage: Family farming – a critical success factor for resilient food security and nutrition

ديسمبر 2019
Development projects that integrate investments in rural indigenous people, youth and women with measures to adapt to climate change are more likely to be successful in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to a new report launched today by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

The West and Central Africa Advantage

نوفمبر 2019

A new report from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) shows that by working with women, men, young people and indigenous peoples as change agents we are best placed to beat back the impact of climate change on rural communities in West and Central Africa (WCA).

The Fisheries and Aquaculture Advantage: Fostering food security and nutrition, increasing

نوفمبر 2019

This report presents selected achievements and lessons from the growing portfolio of fisheries and aquaculture investments supported by IFAD.

Policy brief: Partnering with indigenous peoples for the SDGs

أكتوبر 2019
The involvement of indigenous peoples is key to achieving the ambitions of the SDGs.

The Food Loss Reduction Advantage: Building sustainable food systems

سبتمبر 2019
Around one third of the food globally produced is estimated to be lost or wasted along the supply chain. These losses affect disproportionally developing countries.

Gender-transformative adaptation - From good practice to better policy

سبتمبر 2019
Gender inequality is one of the most pervasive threats to sustainable development. It has negative impacts on access to, use of and control over a wide range of resources, and on the ability to fulfil human rights.

Policy brief: Investing in nutrition

أغسطس 2019
After years of decline in hunger, the number of undernourished people has been on the rise for several years in a row. 

تسخير إمكانات أصحاب الحيازات الصغيرة لإنتاج القمح في إفريقيا - الحد من فواتير استيراد القمح

أغسطس 2019
لتقليل كمية العملات الأجنبية التي تنفق على استيراد القمح، من الضروري استخدام الأصناف والممارسات المحسنة لزيادة الإنتاج المحلي لأفريقيا بسرعة.

Stocktake of the use of household methodologies in IFAD’s portfolio

يونيو 2019
This report presents the findings from a desk-based review of household methodologies (HHM) activities and results in the IFAD loan portfolio and a consultation with individuals with first-hand experience of HHM.