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Grant Results Sheet: E-Project for Agricultural Development and Economic Empowerment (E-PADEE)

مايو 2019
The E-Project for Agricultural Development and Economic Empowerment (E-PADEE) is a US$380,000 programme implemented in Cambodia with funding from the Republic of Korea in partnership with IFAD.

سد الثغرات: مذكرة السياسة العامة لإدراج منظور المساواة بين الجنسين والثقافات في الزراعة والتنمية الريفية

يونيو 2019
الغرض من هذه المذكرة هو دعم الحوار للنظر في نهج المساواة بين الجنسين والنهج الثقافي في سياسات الأمن الغذائي والإنتاجية والتنمية الريفية.

Research Series Issue 38: Meta-evidence review on the impacts of investments in agricultural and rural development on Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 2

يونيو 2019
Agriculture and rural development research will play a critical role in meeting the ambitious targets under SDGs 1 and 2.

Investing in rural people in Guinea-Bissau

يونيو 2019
The current IFAD country strategy note for Guinea-Bissau is based on the political priorities defined by Terra Ranka, as well as the sectoral priorities and programmes of the National Agricultural Investment Programme.

International Day of Family Remittances booklet 2019

يونيو 2019
International Day of Family Remittances booklet for 2019

Getting to work: financing a new agenda for rural transformation

يونيو 2015
This paper offers IFAD’s perspective on some of the key issues on the current debate on financing for development.

Guidelines for Impact Evaluation of Land Tenure and Governance Interventions

أبريل 2019
The overall objective of the Guidelines for Impact Evaluation of Land Tenure and Governance Interventions is to inform and strengthen the design and implementation of future land tenure and governance interventions to best support lasting tenure security and achieve related impacts on poverty, food security, gender equality, environmental sustainability and security.

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2019

يوليو 2019
This year’s report presents evidence that the absolute number of people who suffer from hunger continues to slowly increase. The report also highlights that food insecurity is more than just hunger.

Fighting poverty with bamboo

يوليو 2019
For millions of poor people in East and Southern Africa, bamboo has huge potential to alleviate poverty, protect the environment and help achieve the SDGs.

تسخير إمكانات أصحاب الحيازات الصغيرة لإنتاج القمح في إفريقيا - الحد من فواتير استيراد القمح

أغسطس 2019
لتقليل كمية العملات الأجنبية التي تنفق على استيراد القمح، من الضروري استخدام الأصناف والممارسات المحسنة لزيادة الإنتاج المحلي لأفريقيا بسرعة.

Impact assessment: The Coastal Community Development (CCDP)

أغسطس 2019
The Coastal Community Development Project (CCDP), implemented between 2013 and 2017, was designed to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable economic growth in 12 coastal districts of Indonesia.

Household mentoring Handbook for Household Mentors: Project for Restoration of Livelihoods in the Northern Region (PRELNOR)

يناير 2017
This Household Mentoring handbook is a tool to assist household mentors to mentor selected poorer households.

Soy papa no papá: Historias de cambios destacables y resultados del proyecto FIDA-CIP Andes

يونيو 2019
La historia de Gaby Quispe es la historia de lo que buscaba el proyecto FIDA-CIP-Andes. Su historia de cambio fue calificada entre sus pares de la organización de productores y por los socios y aliados del proyecto como la que mejor representa lo que buscaba la intervención.

Trail Blazers: Stories of Women Champions from IFAD Projects

نوفمبر 2011
Trail Blazers: Stories of Women Champions from IFAD Projects presents snapshots of the lives and achievements of simple rural women from the project areas whose immense courage and dynamic leadership helped improve their own lives as well as the lives of their families and communities.

التقرير السنوي للصندوق 2018

يونيو 2019
تعرّف على عمل الصندوق واستثماراته ونتائجه في تقريرنا السنوي لعام 2018.

Leaving no one behind: making the case for adolescent girls

يوليو 2019
On 22-23 October 2018 IFAD and Save the Children Italy, with the support of the Government of Canada organized the International Conference “Leaving no one behind: making the case for adolescent girls”.

PARM Annual Progress Report 2018

يوليو 2019
Since 2013, PARM has collaborated with partners across eight sub-Saharan African countries in a joint process to make agricultural risk management (ARM) an integral part of policy planning. The process led to the implementation of a number of activities at the country, regional and global level including risk assessments, feasibility studies, capacity development training, knowledge sharing and policy dialogue. This report presents these outcomes and achievements from these activities for the year 2018 looking back to the commencement of the process.

Policy brief: Investing in nutrition

أغسطس 2019
After years of decline in hunger, the number of undernourished people has been on the rise for several years in a row.

Projet d’Appui à l’Intensification et à la Valorisation Agricoles du Burundi (PAIVA‑B) - Les resultats

يوليو 2019
L’objectif global du PAIVA‑B était principalement l’augmentation de la production agricole des ménages pauvres, une production commerciale, rentable pour que les bénéficiaires puissent avoir des revenus et améliorer leurs conditions de vie.

Projet pour Accélérer l’Atteinte de l’OMD1c ‘‘PROPA-O’’ - Les resultats

مايو 2020
L’objectif principal du PROPA-O est d’accélérer les progrès vers la réalisation des OMD-1c; en l’occurrence réduire de moitié la proportion des personnes qui souffrent de la faim à l’horizon 2015 au Burundi.

How to do note: Gender and pastoralism

يوليو 2020
This HTDN complements the IFAD Toolkit along with the 2018 HTDN on Pastoralism, which highlights the importance of gender in pastoral production systems.

The Republic of Korea–IFAD partnership

يوليو 2020
The Republic of Korea is one of the founding members of IFAD and currently sits on the Fund’s Executive Board. The Republic of Korea and IFAD remain committed to eradicating poverty and hunger, and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Strengthening sorghum and millet value chains for food, nutritional and income security in arid and semi‑arid lands of Kenya and United Republic of Tanzania (SOMNI)

نوفمبر 2020
Sorghum, finger millet and pearl millet are the most important staple foods for most households in the semi-arid tropics of East Africa, as these crops grow in harsh environments where other crops do not grow well.

Investing in rural people in Papua New Guinea

نوفمبر 2020
IFAD’s strategy in Papua New Guinea is to improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers by increasing production volumes and quality, and to improve access to markets, technologies and services in order to increase farmers’ share of added value.

IFAD Targeting Toolkit

أبريل 2021
This targeting toolkit provides easy access to IFAD resources to develop poverty targeting strategies and monitor their implementation.

Food-system interventions with climate change and nutrition co-benefits: a literature review

يونيو 2021
This literature review report explores the conceptual linkages between climate change and nutrition using a food system approach.

Research Series Issue 65: Impacts of agricultural value chain development in a mountainous region: Evidence from Nepal

مايو 2021
This analysis investigates the potential mechanism and the practical significance of the impacts of agricultural value chain development in a geographically challenging rural area of a developing country.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for IFAD 2.0 – Phase 2

أبريل 2021
This report presents the second phase of the 2019 IFAD Innovation Challenge project - Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for IFAD 2.0.

Agriculture for nutrition: Stories from Lao PDR

مايو 2021
Dietary diversity is a big problem in Northern Laos. Many rural families regularly consume only 4 out of 10 major food groups, with rice often forming the majority of the meal.

SAFIN Annual Progress Report 2020

أبريل 2021
El presente informe documenta los resultados logrados gracias al trabajo de todos los asociados de la red SAFIN.