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تعمل شراكة رابحة على تعزيز إنتاج الحليب لدى صغار المزارعين في الجبل الأسود النائي

25 يونيو 2021

It’s six o’clock in Mojkova, in Montenegro and a long working day starts for Sladan Minic. It is an early wintry morning, Sladan Minic starts to collect milk from the local dairy farmers driving around mountainous roads.

While in the past the poor weather conditions in the winter would risk sharpening the business, in an area where dairy farming represents a major source of income, things are brighter today thanks to the public-private partnerships developed between the Municipality and the Montebianco company.

As the beneficiaries interviewed in the video candidly report, the intervention of the private sector, through the Municipality of Mojkovac has drastically improved their business with a remarkable impact on their livelihoods.