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Webinar: Delivery Units as a tool to promote rural development
16 يوليو 2020

15.45 CEST

Delivery Units (DU), groups of highly motivated people focused on achieving specific results, have become an increasingly common feature of talks on, and efforts made towards, good governance. They have proven useful for circumventing bottlenecks and dialogue breakdowns between government agences in various countries around the world.

IFAD began working with Delivery Associates, a leading company in the area of what is known as Deliverology®, two years ago. The company, founded and led by Sir Michael Barber, has set up DUs in Ecuador, Ghana, Madagascar, Samoa and Togo thanks to an IFAD grant. This collaboration aims to promote a work culture based on effectiveness and the pursuit of clear targets among IFAD’s government counterparts.

In this webinar, we will hear from Sir Michael Barber about the Deliverology® methodology and its importance for creating more capable states. We will also learn about the challenges of mainstreaming this approach in rural development activities, along with some of the achievements to date.


  • Rossana Polastri, Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, IFAD
  • Sir Michael Barber, Chairman and Founder, Delivery Associates
  • Alejandra Carolina Botero Barco, Presidential Adviser, Government of Colombia
  • Guilherme Trivellato, Associate Director at Delivery Associates
  • Caroline Bidault, Country Director for Ecuador, IFAD


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