Andrew Rugasira: Farmers and private sector - key to rural transformation

مارس 2016 - فيديو

Andrew Rugasira, Founder and CEO of Good African Coffee: Allow me to set the scene for my talk with some statistics. Every day, 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world. The producer countries, that is, Brazil with 37 million bags every year, Viet Nam with 24 million bags every year, right down to my own country Uganda with 3 million bags, earn US$24 billion a year from their coffee. 

The Camelid Solution

مارس 2016 - فيديو

Guillermo Vila Melo, Agronomist and founding member of the Association of Camelid of Argentina (ACA)As Ms Samii said, I shall be introducing you to my very first love, llamas and alpacas. Llamas on your right-hand side and alpacas on your left. 

Stories from the field

فبراير 2016 - فيديو
Nepalese migrants send home $1.5 billion every year - over 20% of the country's GDP. Many of the women here rely on these remittances to survive. Now Savings and Credit Organisations, supported by IFAD and the Nepal Center for Micro-Finance, are facilitating safe money transfers and encouraging people to save. This is transforming villages like Makrahar where, for the first time, people are able to access credit.  

Recipes for Change: Tuna with Taro Leaves

نوفمبر 2015 - فيديو
In this episode of Recipes for Change, Fiji's favorite chef, Lance Seeto, discovers how prolonged drought is threatening taro - Tonga's staple ingredient - when he joins a local farmer to cook Luu Ika (tuna with taro leaves).

Burundi: Justice for Maura

نوفمبر 2015 - فيديو
Burundi's civil war may have ended more than two decades ago, but violence in the country continues. Many of its victims are women, whose rights under the law are often ignored. Now a unique legal aid programme is helping thousands of women like Maura Ntukamazina learn about the law and reclaim their rights.

Uganda: Imagine your life differently

أكتوبر 2015 - فيديو
Twenty thousand families in 13 districts of Uganda are now imagining their lives differently. By creating a shared vision, husbands and wives are not only finding ways to break out of their poverty, but they are discovering the value of equality in their homes.

IFAD and Shamba Shape-Up

مايو 2015 - فيديو
With the fourth and latest series of Shamba Shape-Up, Kenya's most watched agriculture TV show, IFAD staff have been talking to smallholder farmers about a range of practical issues, from cow care and livestock resilience to climate-change adaption.

Nicole Mason: The scope on fertilizer subsides

مايو 2015 - فيديو

icole Mason, Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State University: It is a great pleasure to be here. I want to start out in Southern Zambia, we have two farmers' fields here.

How courage brigades have transformed community life in Madhya Pradesh, India

يناير 2015 - فيديو
In thousands of villages across the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, women are standing up for their rights.

تكوين شراكة مع مؤسسة Intel لتوفير المعلومات الزراعية للمزارعين في كمبوديا

سبتمبر 2014 - فيديو
تكوَّنت علاقة شراكة بين مؤسسة Intel  والصندوق لزيادة فرص صغار المزارعين في الحصول على المعلومات من خلال برنامج حاسوبي جديد أنتجته الشركة لمساعدة المزارعين على اتخاذ قرارات واعية بشأن البذور واختيار الأسمدة، وتخطيط الحصاد، وإدارة المبيعات.