Project FM E-Learning Course

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What is the FM e-learning course?

The Financial Management e-learning course (FM e-learning) is a FM course delivered through well designed and elaborated learning material covering key FM aspects with focus on IFAD specific project financial management requirements. The FM e-learning is expected to provide key information on FM aspects and strengthen skills of FM professionals, including the non-financial ones, involved in Project FM. In-fact, the course allows easy understanding of technical matters also to non-technical audience.

The objective of the course is to:

- Facilitate an easier and faster adaptation of new staff (FM and non-FM) to the IFAD project FM requirements;
- Promote best practice in the financial management of IFAD-funded projects, including adoption of international accounting and reporting standards;
- Contribute to a shared understanding of the key pillars around project FM and thus facilitate greater project efficiency and effectiveness;
- Provide continuous FM guidance, tools and support for professionals working with projects to facilitate a real developmental impact as well as effective and efficient results.
The ultimate goal of the FM e-learning is therefore to ensure:
- Enhanced skills in relation to best-practice in FM;
- Improved knowledge of IFAD-specific FM practices and procedures;
- Improved FM and compliance within the projects and thus mitigating risks throughout the project life cycle.

Available language(s)
English (UK)
Financial Management


6 training courses + 1 test
Organisation and Staffing
Fund Flows and Disbursements
Internal Controls
Accounting and Financial Reporting