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The e-learning course "Impact Assessment" aims to train IFAD staff, project staff, local researchers as well as the wider public on conducting impact assessments and making impact assessments understandable and applicable to all learners. Participants will learn about how to conduct impact assessments using IFAD’s approach to measure results at both the project and corporate levels. We made this resource accessible to any user, anywhere and at any time.

This course combines theoretical knowledge and methods with their applications in real world situations. It covers the whole process of impact assessments as well as the main underlying theories and methodologies. Specifically, participants will learn about preparation for an impact assessment, principles of method selection, ethical issues, data collection, data preparation, analysis, interpretation and utilization.

The course provides easily accessible introduction to these topics using realistic examples and engages participants with previous minimal to no practical experience of conducting impact assessments in the field. At the same time, it offers the opportunity for an in-depth understanding for aspiring experts.

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Impact assessment


10 training modules
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