IFAD Project Procurement Handbook

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IFAD Project Procurement Handbook

This handbook further elaborates on the Procurement Guidelines to be followed in the procurement of goods, works and services under IFAD financed loans and grants and aims at the following:

• give advice and assistance to IFAD staff to help them carry out their own procurement responsibility and to help IFAD Borrower/ recipients on how to handle procurement actions using IFAD financing;

• provide detailed guidance for assessing the procurement capacity of the Borrower/ recipient as would be required to implement the provisions made in applying the Borrower/ recipient’s procurement regulations, provided that they are deemed to be consistent with IFAD’s guidelines as per the amendment of the General Conditions in April 2009; and

• act as a principal reference in situations where it is deemed that Borrower/recipient’s procurement systems are not acceptable or consistent with IFAD Procurement Guidelines


September 2021