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IFAD's Social, Environmental and Climate Assessment Procedures (SECAP)

IFAD remains committed to mainstreaming social, environmental and climate change solutions. IFAD's  updated Social, Environmental and Climate Assessment Procedures (SECAP) were approved by the Associate Vice-President of IFAD's Programme Management Department in July 2017. This SECAP 2017 Edition provides guiding values and principles, and defines an improved course of action for assessing social, environmental and climate risks to enhance the sustainability of results-based country strategic opportunities programmes (RB-COSOPs), country strategy notes (CSNs), programmes and projects. This latest Edition is a step forward, making important advances in areas such as risk coverage, social issues, transparency and accountability, and public participation.  It also balances monitoring and implementation support with borrower responsibility.The SECAP 2017 Edition, along with the guidance statements, sets out the mandatory requirements and other elements that must be integrated throughout an IFAD project life cycle.

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September 2017


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