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Republic of Kenya Country strategic opportunities programme 2020-2025

The 2020-2025 country strategic opportunities programme (COSOP) is aligned with the Government's Agricultural Sector Transformation and Growth Strategy 2019-2029 (ASTGS).

The ASTGS has six pillars:

  • increase smallholder incomes;
  • increase output and value addition;
  • boost household food resilience;
  • knowledge and skills;
  • research, innovation and data; and
  • sustainability and crisis management.

The goal of the COSOP is to strengthen selected value chains and ensure that poor rural people participate in and benefit from them, using climate-resilient, inclusive and pro-poor approaches that enhance Kenya’s productive potential for future generations.

This COSOP retains (with minor adjustments) the three strategic objectives (SOs) from the previous one:

  • SO1-climate-resilient and sustainable community-based natural resource management is improved;
  • SO2-access to productivity-enhancing assets, technologies, rural finance and services is improved;
  • SO3-sustainable access to improved post-production technologies and markets is enhanced.


Country Strategic Opportunities Programme


November 2019


East and Southern Africa