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Report on IFAD’s Development Effectiveness 2018 (RIDE)

The RIDE is the Fund’s principal instrument summarizing IFAD’s development effectiveness and institutional performance. It reports on progress towards achievement of the Results Management Framework (RMF) for the Tenth Replenishment of IFAD's Resources (IFAD10) (2016-2018).

More than just a reporting tool, the RIDE is designed to boost transparency in reporting achievements and challenges, identify systemic issues affecting organizational performance and strengthen accountability.

The 2018 RIDE is the twelfth edition of this document and includes two new features:

  • an annex summarizing progress in implementing the Fund’s Development Effectiveness Framework; and
  • this year’s “in focus” chapter on climate change mainstreaming – one of the four areas highlighted in IFAD’s loan portfolio.


Financial document, Report on IFAD’s Development Effectiveness


August 2018