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Guidelines to Prevent Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination at Events Hosted or Organized by IFAD

These Guidelines apply to any IFAD event, including meetings, conferences and symposia, assemblies, governing bodies sessions, seminars and, consultations, receptions, technical events, expert meetings, workshops, exhibits, side events and any other forum, which are organized, hosted or sponsored in whole or part by IFAD wherever it takes place, and any event or gathering that takes place on IFAD premises whether or not IFAD is organizing, hosting or sponsoring.

These Guidelines apply to all participants at an IFAD event, including all persons attending or involved in any capacity in an IFAD event. The IFAD Code of Conduct will continue to apply to IFAD staff and other individuals hired by IFAD under a non-staff contract.

These Guidelines supplement, and do not affect, the application of other relevant policies, regulations, rules and procedures, including any applicable host country agreements.


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October 2019