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HELP Logistics

HELP Logistics

HELP Logistics shapes supply chains to benefit humanity. A non-profit subsidiary company of the Kühne Foundation, HELP Logistics collaborates with government, academic, and professional institutions to solve supply chain and logistical problems.

Since 2019, HELP Logistics and IFAD have been working together to optimize food and agricultural supply and value chains, thereby enhancing small-scale farmers’ livelihoods and food security. We support decision-making, provide training, and promote supply chain resilience and preparedness in vulnerable sectors, including agriculture.

We also analyse and improve supply chain processes and infrastructure to save costs, reduce lead times, increase visibility, and ensure efficiencies.

“HELP ensures rural smallholder farmers participate actively in and reap the benefits from supply chains, while IFAD improves the livelihoods of rural smallholder farmers by financing agricultural development. Our unique alignment of purpose and competencies is helping to improve the African agricultural eco-system.” - Sean Rafter, Managing Director, HELP Logistics


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