IFAD has called for donors to significantly increase their contributions to deliver an overall programme of work of at least US$11 billion from 2022 to 2024.

Recognizing the importance of investing in the future of rural areas and small-scale agriculture, many countries are seizing the moment to increase their contributions and express resounding support for IFAD’s work. 

Thank you!

Thank you from IFAD and the many small-scale farmers and producers who have benefited from IFAD projects. 

French President Emmanuel Macron steps up to increase investments in IFAD

To sustainably address rising hunger and poverty, exacerbated by COVID-19, climate change and biodiversity loss, President Emmanuel Macron announced a 50 per cent increase in funds to IFAD and called on global leaders to step up their commitments in support of long-term agricultural development.

African countries join fight against poverty and hunger in first round of pledges

Despite the economic consequences of COVID-19, a growing number of countries around the world today stepped up their investments in long-term development, signalling a greater awareness of the links between hunger, inequality and instability which often spark humanitarian crises.

Ireland increases IFAD pledge by two thirds

IFAD thanks Ireland for a €12.5 million contribution that will help realize a shared vision of a world where people are empowered to overcome poverty and hunger.

This amount represents a 66 per cent increase on the country’s previous pledge.

Mauritania has doubled its contribution to IFAD to promote food and nutrition security.  

Japan pledged US$57.3 million to empower the poorest rural people of developing countries.

Finland raised its contribution by over 40 per cent to make a big difference for poor small-scale farmers.

Sweden pledges 800 million Swedish kronor - 60 per cent more than their last contribution. 

Pakistan has pledged US$10 million - a 10% increase since the last IFAD Replenishment.

The Netherlands 
pledged over US$82.9 million - a US$5 million increase.

Burkina Faso has shown its commitment to working with IFAD by increasing their contribution by 100%.

recognizes the importance of investing in IFAD and increased their  contribution by 40%. 

The United States’ pledge of $129 million is a 43% increase over replenishment commitments of the last 12 years.

Italy pledged €84 million to IFAD - a 45% increase. Italy also hosts the UN food agencies in Rome.

Canada has pledged CAD75 million to expand and deepen IFAD’s impact for the rural poor in developing countries. 

Mali, Somalia and Haiti have made contributions - recognizing IFAD's role in sustainable and resilient agriculture.