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Innovation is critical to improve IFAD’s performance and solve emerging issues. The IFAD Innovation Challenge, which began in 2019, encourages IFAD staff to develop ways to innovate how we work to enhance results and efficiency.

The two winners of the 2019 Innovation Challenge were GeoScan and GeoTech4Tenure.

The second Innovation Challenge was launched in 2021. IFAD staff worked with partners from the private sector, civil society and international organizations to propose solutions for finance, data, eliminating “sludge” and culture change. Six ideas were selected to receive seed funding, coaching and mentoring, with three ideas receiving an additional USD100,000 each to pilot their ideas.

BehaviouralMindset Avanzar This behavioural toolkit for IFAD projects helps create operational knowledge and instruments, provide innovative and low-cost solutions, improve efficiency and reach target populations.

Team: Daniel Anavitarte, Rosamaria Dasso, Maine Astonitas (IFAD)

DigiClimate Risk This platform empowers financial service providers to integrate climate risks into their lending processes and finance adaptation solutions accordingly. It is currently being integrated into IFAD's inclusive green financing initiative.

Team: Marc De Sousa Shields, Esha Singh, Christoph Jungfleish, Sabrina Nagel, Maria Fernanda Munoz (IFAD and Yapu Solutions)

LandMonitor LandMonitor facilitates comprehensive land tenure data collection, connecting top-down and bottom-up processes and using people-centred tools with a focus on empowering and engaging target groups in land policy development, land tenure reporting and SDG monitoring. After a successful pilot in the Philippines, the solution is being explored in Brazil, with plans to scale in eight more countries.

Team: Michelle Calcatelli, Eva Hershaw, Mariella Schingloff, Maria Baragan Porras, Harold Liversage (IFAD and International Land Coalition)