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Luisa Migliaccio

Luisa Migliaccio is Lead Portfolio Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean in the Programme Management department. She is responsible for enhancing the institutional efficiency and efficiency of IFAD-funded operations in the region. Activities include: (a) taking the lead on the revision, the development, and approval of relevant operational policies aimed at enhancing the performance of IFAD-funded projects; (b) taking the lead on ensuring full divisional compliance with IFAD Supervision and Implementation support (SIS) Policy and establishes relevant divisional quality assurance systems to ascertain quality and cross-country consistency of key SIS missions’ deliverables; (c) taking the lead on the divisional self-assessment; (d) providing authoritative advice pertaining to results-based management; and (e) providing advice to the regional director for the development of pertinent divisional management plans (DMP).

Before joining IFAD in 1989, Migliaccio worked at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the finance department of American Express Co.

Migliaccio holds a MBA from the LUISS University of Rome and a BA in law from La Sapienza University, Rome.




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