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Ska Mirriam Moteane

"I find that the local produce is tastier, fresher and more nutritious."

An award winning chef, entrepreneur, author and advocate for local cuisine, chef Ska Mirriam Moteane was born in Thaba Tseka Lesotho.

Having inherited her passion for cooking from her mother, Ska proceeded to study culinary arts in Johannesburg. When designing her menus, Ska bases everything on what she can source locally. Ska now works as a freelance consultant in the food industry in addition to running the Motherland Guest House. She aspires to train people in culinary arts, with the specific aim of instilling a sense of appreciation of nutritious local food in her students.

Outside of cooking, Ska is a successful author, with her book Cuisine of the Mountain Kingdom storming to the Best African Cookbook in the World award at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2012.




Recipes for Change: Sechu Sa Nku (Mutton Stew)

June 2016 - STORY
Climate change – including rising temperatures, and a greater frequency of droughts and extreme rain events – is negatively affecting local communities living in rural parts of Lesotho. Lesotho ranks 158 out of 186 in the United Nations Development Programme UNDP Human Development Index. Poverty is concentrated in the rural parts of the country, being greatest in the mountain areas.

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