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Pierre Thiam

"Food is agriculture, agriculture is our cuisine. So yes, I am concerned. Some ingredients I used to see growing up are disappearing."

Born in Senegal and based in New York, Thiam's style of cooking has remained true to his roots. His company, Pierre Thiam Catering, is hugely popular and brings the distinctive flavours of West Africa to the Big Apple, with former UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon among its fans. Closer to home, Thiam is the executive chef at Nok by Alara in Lagos, Nigeria.

As well as being a talented chef, Thiam is also business savvy, with his brainchild Yolele Foods carving out a niche as a supplier of African superfoods. He also enjoys a prominent presence in the media stateside, having featured in Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, CNN's Inside Africa and the Food Network's Iron Chef.

Projects visited:

Chad - Project to Improve the Resilience of Agricultural Systems (PARSAT)



Recipes for Change: Sesame Fish with Sorrel Sauce

December 2018
Traditional rainfall patterns are changing in Chad, making it increasingly difficult for the poorest populations who rely on small farming for subsistence, to successfully plant and harvest their crops.



Recipes for Change: Poulet Yassa

October 2015
There are many varieties of onions grown in Senegal. Perhaps the most common are the Gandiol and Noflaye species which are both well known for their strong taste and ability to be stored for long periods of time. The onion is a dietary staple of Senegal, appearing in many of the country's most famous dishes, including Poulet Yassa.

Recipes for Change: Smoked fish with sesame and sorrel sauce

September 2018
Try the recipe at home: Smoked fish with sesame and sorrel sauce - Chad

Recipes for Change: Chef Pierre Thiam shares a lockdown-friendly vegan chilli recipe

April 2020
IFAD’s Recipes for Change chefs are carrying on with life under lockdown by sharing some excellent recipes that you can make with ingredients you’ve already got in your home cupboard. Senegalese Chef Pierre Thiam joins us from his home in New York State with a delicious recipe for vegan chilli.

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