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Marko Bonifaz

"Nowadays, we've been noticing that because of climate change we have less quantity and less variety in potato production."

One of Bolivia's top chefs, Bonifaz completed his training at the Culinary Institute of America in California. Following a stint spent apprenticing in the wider Bay Area, Bonifaz returned to La Paz to apply his training and newfound knowledge to Bolivian cuisine. He currently works at Mercat and he recently opened Aptapi in La Paz. Andean ingredients and innovation are the order of the day at Mercat, continuing the traditions of bygone generations.

Bonifaz is a champion of local cuisine, ingredients and produce, and he energetically campaigns to increase awareness of them. It is for this reason that he is affectionately known as the "King of Quinoa" in some quarters.

Projects visited:

Bolivia - Economic Inclusion Programme for Families and Rural Communities in the Territory of Plurinational State of Bolivia (ACCESOS)





Recipes for Change: Chairo soup

October 2016 - STORY
Climate change is contributing to increased temperatures and changing growing seasons in Bolivia. Small farmers are finding it harder to decide when to plant and when to harvest. This adversely affects staple food crops such as potatoes.

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