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Gabriele Rubini (Chef Rubio)

"With recipes, you cannot change the world, but you can convey messages and tell the world about a much bigger problem such as climate change."

Gabriele Rubini, aka Chef Rubio, is an Italian Chef and media icon famed for his enchanting personality and unorthodox approach to food. A keen athlete, Rubio initially studied classics and played rugby at a high level in Italy and New Zealand prior to throwing all of his passion into forging a career in food. Fascinated by different cultures and culinary habits, Rubio accumulated an immense bank of culinary knowledge by visiting a plethora of countries, including Argentina, Finland, Japan, Lebanon and Laos.

Rubio is very much in the public eye in Italy thanks to his appearances in a number of hit cooking shows, including Unti e Bisunti and I re della Griglia.

Projects visited:

Guatemala - Sustainable Rural Development Programme for the Northern Region




Recipes for Change: Kak-Ik

October 2018 - VIDEO
In this episode of Recipes for Change, Italian Chef Rubio is in Guatemala to see how the Qeq'chi people are managing to conserve their traditional foods in the face of climate change.



Recipes for Change: Gak Ik (Turkey soup)

September 2018 - STORY
Try the Recipe at home: Gak Ik (Turkey soup) - Guatemala

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