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Esther Kasalu-Coffin

Esther Kasalu-Coffin is a Country Programme Manager in the West and Central Africa Division at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Kasalu-Coffin is currently responsible for Ghana and Togo. Her responsibilities include the management of Ghana ICO; developing and implementing COSOPs; supporting and overseeing implementation of IFAD-financed investments; forging strategic partnerships; promoting constructive poverty reduction policy dialogue; and being a conduit and catalyst of knowledge management and innovations.

Before joining IFAD in 2008 as a CPM, Kasalu-Coffin held positions of Senior Policy Officer and Task Manager at the African Development Bank. Prior to joining the Bank, she was a Consultant with FAO Ghana Regional Office. Her earlier positions include consulting with international consulting companies, working with Statistics Canada and Zambia Ministry of Agriculture, on all aspects of the project cycle from formulation to evaluation, in Canada, India, Italy, and Zambia.

Kasalu-Coffin holds an M.Sc. degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Manitoba in Canada and a BA in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Zambia. She has received specialized training in technical areas as well as in administration and management.




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