IFAD annual report 2002

Part One (PDF Version - 379KB)


IFAD's Strategy

  • Strategic Framework for IFAD 2002-2006
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Regional Strategies
  • Country Strategic Opportunities Papers

Resource Mobilization and Allocation in 2002

  • Consultation on the Sixth Replenishment of IFAD's Resources
  • Supplementary Funds
  • Debt Initiative for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries

Putting IFAD's Strategy into Practice: The 2002 Programme

  • Strategic Change Programme
  • Policy dialogue and Partnership
  • Partnership with Civil-Society and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Belgian Survival Fund Joint Programme
  • International Land Coalition
  • Global Mechanism
  • Technical Support
  • Private Sector

Part Two (PDF Version- 905KB)

Regional Activities

  • Africal I Division: Western and Central Africa
  • Africa II Division: Eastern and Southern Africa
  • Asia and the Pacific Division
  • Latin America and the Caribbean Division
  • Near East and North Africa Division

Assuring Impact

  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Supervision and Cooperating Institutions
  • Evaluation

IFAD's Operations in 2002

  • The Project Portfolio and Lending Trends
  • Regional and Priority Country Lending
  • Allocation of Lending by Lending Terms
  • Disbursements
  • Cofinancing of IFAD Projects
  • Number of Effective Projects and Programmes by Country and Region, 2002
  • Summary of 2002 Projects and Programmes
  • Summary of 2002 Grants

Part Three (PDF Version - 141KB)

Institutional Aspects

  • Organization and Staff
  • Organizational Chart
  • Membership and Representation
  • List of Governors and Alternate Governors of IFAD Member States
  • List of Executive Board Directors

Part Four (PDF Version - 164KB)

Financial Statements