IFAD Annual report 2015

Learn about IFAD's work, investments and results in our 2015 Annual Report. Read stories about the rural women and men we empower, and get the facts and figures we share regularly with our Member States and partners. You can also learn more about our advocacy efforts to keep the needs of rural communities at the top of the international development agenda.

The IFAD Annual Report is available in two versions: print and full. The print version contains the first 62 pages of the report, while the full report includes four additional chapters that are only available online. You can download either of these versions by clicking on the links below. If you want something shorter, take a look at the 12-page Annual Report Highlights.


Table of contents

Map of ongoing projects and IFAD country offices
Find our country offices and see how many programmes and projects IFAD supports in countries around the world.

President’s foreword
IFAD President Kanayo F. Nwanze opens the 2015 Annual Report. He looks at the organization's role in framing Agenda 2030, and in global negotiations on climate change. He flags our recognized leadership in the area of gender equality and outlines our ongoing drive to decentralize, with its multiple benefits. He mentions the major transformations completed by IFAD in 2015, with the approval of loans funded by sovereign borrowing, and the development of an innovative methodology to assess impact.

Programme of work in 2015
We fund 231 ongoing programmes in 98 countries. This chapter presents a region-by-region look at our key areas of work, the initiatives we support and the results. Read the stories from the field to learn more about some of the communities and individuals that IFAD invests in.

Major initiatives and new programmes
This chapter spotlights our responses to global challenges, including climate change, nutrition and supporting indigenous peoples. It also covers our contributions to shaping the post-2015 development agenda and framing the SDGs. And it takes a look at innovative new programmes in each of our regions – from modernizing family farming in Niger to working with small dairy farmers in Uzbekistan.

Impact and measuring and improving results
In 2015 we finalized an innovative impact assessment methodology that strengthens IFAD's foundations as a results-based organization. This chapter looks at the new methodology and gives key results. It also includes highlights from reporting and evaluation processes during 2015 and covers IFAD's attention to ethical behaviour in the workplace and anticorruption.

Financing data and resource mobilization
Check out the figures on IFAD-supported programmes and projects, loans and grants, cofinancing, domestic contributions and more. This chapter also provides key resource mobilization data and lists top cofinanciers. It gives details on investment by sector, supplementary funds, IFAD’s liquidity and our support to debt relief and debt management.

IFAD annual Staff Awards recognize exceptional contributions by individuals and teams in country offices and at headquarters. The 2015 Awards were presented at the Global Staff Meeting 2016. Meet the winners and read about awards given to IFAD as an organization during 2015.

Summary of 2015 programmes, projects and grants 
See the full list of the 39 new programmes and projects approved by the Executive Board in 2015, with brief overviews and financing details. This chapter includes information on IFAD’s grant portfolio including stories from the field. This year we spotlight work with spinners, weavers and goat-herders in Central Asia, an EU-funded project to boost the use of sorghum in Kenya and Tanzania, and an initiative to promote climate-smart tree-based agriculture in south east Asia.

Organization, membership and representation
Learn about IFAD's structure, the 176 Member States and the representatives in IFAD's governing bodies.

Publications in 2015
Take a look at a selection of IFAD publications, co-publications, papers and advocacy materials released in 2015.


Consolidated financial statements