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Cristina Bowerman

"Ultimately I want to be a role model for women in the kitchen."

A winding career path that involved law, forensic science and graphic design eventually led Cristina Bowerman into the culinary world. Upon completion of a course in culinary arts in 2004, Bowerman embarked on what was to become a hugely successful career as a chef. Following a year spent honing her culinary skills, Bowerman moved to Rome and began working in the Glass Hostaria. From there, her career skyrocketed. In 2010, she was awarded a prestigious Michelin Star, just one award in a long list of honours that includes recognition for her social endeavours as well as her culinary prowess.

In addition to a stellar cooking career, her keen business acumen shines through in her hugely successful ventures Frigo and Romeo. Bowerman also acts as an ambassador for the Mediterranean diet.


Recipes for Change: Dhindo – corn flour purée with nettle leaf curry and pickled tomatoes – Nepal

March 2020 - STORY
Climate change is contributing to increasing temperatures and droughts in Nepal, where corn and tomatoes are a staple food.

Recipes For Change: Chef Bowerman’s take on cooking from home under lockdown

March 2020 - STORY
As the world adjusts to life with COVID-19, we’re asking our Recipes for Change chefs to share some world-class recipes that you can make with ingredients you’ve already got in your home cupboard. Michelin-starred Chef Cristina Bowerman shares two simple and nutritious recipes involving chickpeas.

Chef Bowerman wishes our readers Happy Holidays with this festive treat

December 2020 - STORY
To celebrate with all our readers and supporters and wish you Happy Holidays, we asked our Recipes for Change chefs to share some festive recipes to enjoy during the holiday season.

Recipes for Change: Pasta, potatoes & asparagus

June 2022 - STORY
For Chef Bowerman, this recipe is all about buying locally and working with the local ecosystem. It features anchovies – a favourite in her native Italy, and widely available all over the world – blended with rich, hearty pasta and potato.