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From farm to market: improving the food value chain through women empowerment in Guinea

June 2019 - STORY
Saran Condé is a 30-year-old smallholder farmer in Guinea's Faranah region. She has improved her farming skills and increased her productivity since joining an IFAD supported community garden.

Finding a future in farming in Guinea

April 2018 - STORY
Should I stay or should I go? This question is likely on the mind of hundreds of thousands of young people in developing countries wondering what the future holds for them at home and dreaming of a better life abroad.

Celebrating International Youth Day 2015

April 2016 - STORY
Today's generation of young people – defined by the United Nations as those aged 15 to 24 – is the largest in history. An estimated 87 per cent of the world's young people live in developing countries, and the majority live in rural areas. However, in the world's poorest countries, opportunities for youth are often limited or non-existent, leaving them marginalized politically, economically and socially.

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Family farming is key to better diets and better lives in Guinea

May 2018 - NEWS
The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the Republic of Guinea signed a new financial agreement today, which will help more than 65,000 rural households raise their incomes, improve their diets and increase their ability to deal with climate change.