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Netherlands (Kingdom of the)





US$ 592.37 million

Core Contribution

US$ 99.26 million

Complementary Contribution

US$ 156.94 million

Supplementary Contribution

IFAD’s mandate and policies are closely aligned with the priorities and vision of the Netherlands.

Since IFAD’s establishment in 1977, the Netherlands has been a reliable partner and contributor, supporting IFAD’s core budget with a total of US$717 million and placing itself among the Fund’s five top donors. IFAD can leverage every euro that the Netherlands contributes to deliver a pro-poor total investment equivalent to EUR 6. Thanks to this core support, IFAD empowers 120 million rural people every year in almost 100 countries.

In addition, the Netherlands is one of the largest donors to the IFAD portfolio funded by supplementary resources, with a total contribution of US$201 million. This strategic support has allowed IFAD to boost its work in specific countries to strengthen smallholder agriculture in order to achieve food and nutrition security.

Beyond its crucial financial contribution, the Netherlands supports IFAD in taking a demand-driven, context-specific and integrated approach to focus on transforming rural economies and food systems.

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As more people spiral into hunger and poverty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Netherlands has stepped up its funding to IFAD to help avert a rural food crisis.