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IFAD Advocate for Rural Youth

Sherrie Silver

Dancer and choreographer Sherrie Silver was appointed as IFAD Advocate for Rural Youth in February 2019.

In her role as Advocate for Rural Youth, Silver uses her global platform to meet and connect with youth around the world and to campaign for the importance of reaching young people through investing in agriculture and rural communities.

Silver has recently visited IFAD-supported projects for rural youth in Cameroon and Ghana.

Sherrie Silver is an actress, dancer, choreographer and activist known for her work in Childish Gambino’s music video This Is America, for which she won the Best Choreography category at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

Born in Rwanda and educated in the United Kingdom, Silver is passionate about helping young people thrive, educating the world about African cultures through dance, and giving back to African countries through her philanthropy.

She has been described by Forbes as "a new creative visionary" and by Bill Gates as one of the leading young innovators changing the African continent’s present and future.

Silver has always made philanthropy a key part of her work. She holds dance workshops for African children and has founded homes for at-risk youth in Lagos and Kigali.