Following a call for nominations, the Governing Council of IFAD will appoint a new President at a special session on 7 July 2022. The elected President will take office on 1 October 2022 for a four year term.

The President will lead IFAD at a crucial time, as COVID-19, climate change, and conflict converge to result in rising food and fuel prices. This in turn could lead to a global food crisis, with the world’s poorest rural people likely to be hardest hit.

IFAD plays a crucial role in increasing the resilience of rural small-scale producers. The Fund’s investments in climate adaptation and sustainable food systems are helping to achieve many of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Khaled A. Mahdi

Raychelle Awuor Omamo

Shobhana Kumar Pattanayak


Save the date: IFAD Member States elect next President

June 2022 - NEWS
IFAD elects its next President on 7 July, designating new leadership at a crucial time when rising food, energy and fertilizer prices threaten to trigger a global food crisis and push millions more rural people into hunger and poverty.

Appointment of the President of IFAD

March 2022 - NEWS
The President of IFAD is appointed for four years with a two-term limit.

Member States to nominate candidates for next IFAD President

March 2022 - NEWS
IFAD today announced a call to its 177 Member States to nominate candidates for the Fund’s next President.  

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