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Roots in Coahuila, Mexico – The production of Candelilla

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Sandra and Isidra live in the state of Coahuila, in northern Mexico. The economy of this area mainly relies on the production of Candelilla, a plant that lives in the desert and finds its main use in the production of wax and cosmetics.

In this episode, Roots visited with the Independent Office of Evaluation of IFAD the "Sustainable development project for rural communities in semi-arid zones: (Northern and Mixtec Regions) PRODEZSDA" and spoke with beneficiaries about the changes the project has brought in their lives.

Since the death of her husband, Sandra has been supporting her family thanks to the production of Candelilla, which guarantees a stable source of income for her children. She tells Roots about how the provision of specific training has improved working conditions as well as health conditions in the area where she lives.

For more information about the evaluation objectives, methodology, process, timelines, and key questions, please read the approach paper.